Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bryan Q. Miller Still Playing It Cagey About Batgirl!

I have no idea what his writing's like (I'm as into Smallville as I'm into colonoscopies), but Bryan Q. Miller certainly knows how the play the game in interviews. Over at Comic Book Resources, he talks up his new Batgirl series and gives away virtually nothing beyond one measly little clue-- the new Batgirl will have "redemption" as part of her make-up.

We know "redemption" to be one of those Cassandra Cain-related buzzwords, so Miller hasn't eliminated her from the running. And yet the clever man also knows full well this term can be applied to any of the other candidates. He's also right about Phil Noto's teaser images; they're gorgeous. And yet as much as I admire his ability to talk about the series without telling us much of anything, these kinds of interviews smack of a guy emerging from behind a curtain and saying... well... nothing about what's going on behind it. A news story about nothing. They should do a TV show like that. A show about nothing.

Personally, I feel there's little to no chance it'll be Cassandra Cain in the Batgirl costume this time out, which means there's zero chance I'll be reading this book. But that doesn't stop me from following the news and hoping... And it also doesn't mean I can't wish the creative team all the best. A decent new book on the racks can only be a good thing. It's not like I read everything out there anyway!

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Nathaniel said...

The solicitations seem to make it pretty obvious that it can't be Cass, with the constant referencing of the "all-new Batgirl" and how she's the "newest member of the Bat Family", etc. I'm still sort of hoping that it's all smoke and mirrors, and it's going to be a team book with multiple Batgirls. But the descriptions don't make it sound anything like that, or anything like something I would want to read.

It seems that when you've already had a Batgirl whose main theme was "redemption", you'd want to go in a new, different direction if it's a new character under the cowl, though.