Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jackie Chan and Michael Golden Fans Rejoice... Spartan X: Hell-Bent-Hero-for-Hire Will Return!

I learned from the artist himself this weekend plans are afoot for a reprinting of Michael Golden's wickedly cool Jackie Chan comic series Spartan X, with a conclusion to the story arc left incomplete by its unfortunate demise.

This fulfills one of the items on my Ultimate Comic Book Wish List. Other items include:

1) a Cassandra Cain storyline that doesn't make me want to vomit
2) a reprinting of Marvel/Curtis' Planet of the Apes magazines
3) a Xi'an Coy Manh/Dani Moonstar series
4) the abandonment of massive crossover stories
6) more Nana
7) an Alex Toth collection
8) more Nexus
9) world peace

Two down, for a pathetic 20% success rate. We're going to have to step up our game, people. But I'm happy anytime there's a chance for some Michael Golden sequential work. There are few things I enjoy more than Jackie Chan movies and Michael Golden's art. Okay, there are many things I enjoy more. But Jackie Chan movies and Michael Golden's art are things I nevertheless enjoy immensely, and to have one directly related to the other is very, very sweet.

Also happy about this even though there's not a chance in hell most of them will appear in the story:


danielcox said...

Great blog...and awesome to see another HUGE M. Golden fan. I first noticed his work on Micronauts and have been an avid fan since. Liked your 'Nam review as well (I'm working backwards towards your older posts). Keep it up!

Joel Bryan said...

Thanks, Daniel! Oh yeah, this blog will continue the Michael Golden love. Like you, Micronauts got me hooked on his art... and Golden drawing Jackie Chan? WOW!

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