Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Comic Books Ruled the Earth Bullpen Bulletins!

In the inimitable style of Stan the Man and the gang down at Marvel Comics circa 1971-- it's time for the first (and possibly last) edition of When Comic Books Ruled the Earth Bullpen Bulletins! Because I'm too busy to write a review or one of my patented retro-comic deconstructions!

ITEM! Dark Horse's supernatural sequential series BPRD has at least one Japanese fan, possibly more. How should I know how many? What am I, some kind of demographics wizard? No, but I could be if Dark Horse Comics wants to put me on the payroll as their agent provocateur here in Japan. I loaned a ton of comics to one of my students a few months back and she really got into Mike Mignola's crazy Hellboy world. Today she brought back a stack of BPRD's and accused me of having kissed one of them. That's right-- there seems to be a lip print on one of the covers. But actually, it's a thumb print. Currently, she's reading Marvel's The 'Nam reprint book. Who says this isn't the Dark Horse and Marvel Age of Japanese Comic fandom?

ITEM! I'm reading the new New Mutants title now. I finally managed to get issues 1 through 9 and now I'm able to give Dani, Xi'an, Sam and the others my full attention. Such as it is. Lots of New Mutant-y fun is a-brewin' here at WCBRE. But shhh... Don't tell the publisher! He might think we're having too many laughs on his expense and stop paying us!

ITEM! DC's 75th Anniversary did not go unnoticed her in the Land of the Rising Sun. Cartoon Network's Japanese website allowed fans here to vote for their favorite DC superheroes in a public poll. The winner? DORAEMON! Cartoon Network also celebrated the Distinguished Competition's birthday by showing various episodes of Justice League, Teen Titans, The Batman and The Brave and the Bold during a special DC 75th Anniversary week. DC's 75? That's just over 10 in dog years!

ITEM! Interacting with Sally Cruikshank made my week last week. Thank Odin she caught my gist or I would've spent the weekend dining on crow or some such unpleasant fowl. Duck, perhaps. Nah, ducks are deelish!

ITEM! Speaking of DC, I'm re-reading the Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus series. Hopefully I'll have some high-falutin' King-salutin' rootin' tootin' Vladimir Putin blog entries all about Orion, Darkseid, Lightray and my favorite lovey-dovey DC universe couple, Mr. Miracle and Big Barda for your frenzied eyes before the next full moon.

ITEM! Nana 20 finally fell into my hot little hands, but I haven't had time to read the darned thing yet! I do know it ends in a cliffhanger! I should have the English-language version of Torpedo featuring some gorgeous Alex "the Prince of Lines" Toth artwork within a few days too so I'll finally know what that kid says to the main character in the first or second story! Mine is all in German!

ITEM! Maybe it's time for another visit to Marvel/Curtis's Planet of the Apes. I'm feeling that ol' monkey on my back. Get it? Monkey? On my... oh forget it!

ITEM! Inimitable is right! No one this incompetent should attempt to ape Stan Lee's pensive yet penetrating pro-Marvel PRing! Take a bow, Stan! You're outta sight and one of a kind! 'Nuff said!


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