Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michael Golden Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Maryland!

Would you like to learn more? Just check out Renee Witterstaetter's blog for the full story and some neat-o photos of the event. Golden's artwork is dazzling and I want to congratulate him on this well-deserved honor.

Out of curiosity, I went to to see if Marvel had published a second volume of their classic The 'Nam series reissue-- and yes, they have! It's kind of expensive, though, even with Amazon's usual discount. $21.59, down from a list price of $29.99? Seriously? You can get Fantagraphics's Blazing Combat volume in paperback now for $13.59! Granted, The 'Nam is 240 pages in color while Blazing Combat is 220 in black and white, but 8 bucks difference when the garish coloring in The 'Nam volume 1 is the book's weakest point? I've been consistently unimpressed with the color reproduction in Marvel's 80s-era reprints. It looked great on newsprint or whatever paper they used back in the day, but on today's fashionable glossy white stock, it's too hard-edged and over-saturated. It detracts from the linework. This is one area where I have to admit DC beats Marvel-- color reprint books. So with that in mind, I'm really not convinced by Marvel's pricing for this book especially when you can still get the hardcover version of Blazing Combat directly from Fantagraphics for $28.99.

And yet I still have the desire to look at Golden's art (and wax nostalgic with the New Mutants kids, for that matter; that's another Marvel reprint series I end up buying despite price anxiety). Hmm. The 'Nam or Blazing Combat? Whichever one you choose-- actually, I consider both indispensable to my comics library-- you still get John Severin!

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