Monday, August 15, 2011

I finally tracked down that "The Kirk Cries Yipes!" bootleg by Jimi Hendrix

Even bold space explorers like Captain James T. Kirk experience moments of terror. Depicting one of these humanizes them for the readers. I'm just not convinced Kirk would yelp the word "Yipes!" even if a papier-mache Eiffel Tower threatened to crush him. This is a sequence from Gold Key's Star Trek #7, "The Voodoo Planet" (1970). The Enterprise crew encounters yet another space jerk, some deposed Earth ruler named Count Dressler, who has mastered the art of voodoo magic. Using his full-size replicas (which must have cost a fortune to build) and a laser beam-ray, Dressler destroys some of our most famous monuments before Kirk and Spock overcome psychosomatic pain to put an end to his idiotic revenge scheme.

The cover to this comic is awesome, by the way. It features a groovy psychedelic duotone Spock head in high-contrast magenta and purple containing some asymmetrically-cropped publicity photos of Kirk and McCoy all on a green background suitable for framing. I love the cut-out style type Gold Key used for the title, too. Far out, mannnnn!

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