Monday, January 2, 2012

How the new "Nexus" story came about...

If you're interested (as I obviously am), you should read the blog at Steve Rude's website.  The Rudes just posted an entry called "The Real Story Behind the Nexus Reunion."  It seems to have happened pretty fast.  One minute Rude and Mike Baron were talking on the phone, the next minute Mike Richardson of Dark Horse got involved and a minute after that, Rude was at the drawing board laying down lines with everything in line for a May publication date.  I have to hand it to the fine folks at Dark Horse and especially Richardson for making this happen.  He must have jumped at the chance, and as luck would have it, Dark Horse Presents happens to be enjoying a comeback of its own-- the perfect vehicle for Baron and Rude to revisit Nexus.

While I love the cool photo of Rude working away at his drawing table, my favorite part of all of this is one little comment that seems to be a promise:

A man who speaks as succinctly as his written words, Mike Baron simply added, “I look forward to many more stories with the Dude.”

That has me all wiggly over this yet again!  Rude back in comics!  Baron writing NexusNexus stories coming our way in 2012 and possibly beyond!  Look for the new story in Dark Horse Presents #12, this May.  They've rung the bell and I'm already slobbering like a conditioned dog.  Conditioned to love delicious comic books!*

*Don't worry.  I'm not going to eat it.  Well, I make no promises.

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