Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Xenozoic tease...

Is this what I think it is?  Mark Schultz's Xenozoic Tales and Other Stories over on a certain social network is making me drool in anticipation of what-- if it is what I believe it to be-- the most eagerly awaited and anticipated comic book event of my lifetime so far.  I mean, if you think Mike Baron and Steve Rude returning to Nexus made me excited, the potential for another issue of Xenozoic Tales to go along with said Nexus has me in severe need of heavy sedation.  I mean, really, Xenozoic Tales, Nexus and Love & Rockets fulfill my comics needs.  They are filling enough they leave me satiated.  When I have new stories from any of those series to look forward to, why should I care about re-boots and crossovers and capes and underwear and all that?

Apparently there will be some sort of announcement at one of Mark Schultz's panels at the this year's San Diego Comic-Con.  He has several:

Thursday, 7/12/12
10:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.
Room: 32AB
Flesk: Celebrating a Decade of Publishing

Thursday, July 12
Room 4
Spotlight on Mark Schultz's Unlikely Career

Friday, July 13
Room 23ABC
The Artists’ Way

Friday, July 13
Room 7AB
75th Anniversary of Prince Valiant

Sunday, July 15
Room 25ABC
Cover Story

Being as ah'm a-way over here in the south-- south central Japan, that is-- I'm going to miss out on seeing one of my writing-and-drawing idols in person, the man who inspired me to try dry-brush on my graphic design entrance portfolio at the University of Georgia.  The man whose comics I spent money on even when I didn't have money to spend on food.  There hasn't been a new Xenozoic Tales comic since 1996, just the odd print and sketchbook now and again.  And the damned thing ended on a cliff-hanger!

If you have the fat Xenozoic volume from Flesk Publications, which reprints the Schultz-illustrated stories from the 14 issue run of the original series (but unfortunately leaves out the Steve Stiles back-ups), you remember the promise near the back:  "The adventures of Hannah Dundee & Jack Tenrec will continue.  Look for more mystery, mayhem & intrigue in future Xenozoic stories!"

I will!  I will look!  You started something!

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