Friday, June 7, 2013

Jack Kirby versus Alex Toth!

We recently saw what happens when Jack Kirby and Alex Toth team up, but what about if they duked it out mano-a-mano?  The very idea makes me feel like one of Bill Swerski's Superfans contemplating the outcome of a match between the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls-- I'm either about to have multiple heart attacks or else the result of such a contest would be a rending of the space-time continuum itself, with the United Nations putting a stop to it before we suffer total planetary annihilation.

Fortunately for the safety of the human race we can keep this on a strictly theoretical basis-- although I understand scientists at CERN are working on a multi-dimensional viewing device where you can enter any desired parameter in a computer controlling a super-gravity variable matrix which opens a type of worm hole at any point real or imagined where we can then observe the results of a given scenario no matter how improbable.  Until they complete their work, just read Hero Envy's piece pitting Jack Kirby versus Alex Toth for the title of True King of Comics.  It's loaded with eye-popping artwork from both men and turns out to be a heart-filled tribute to both Kirby and Toth and their lasting legacies.

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