Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mad #1 for the very acceptable price of zero dollars and zero cents!

I checked out Comixology last night and found a run of the early full-color comic book days of venerable humor mag Mad.  The premiere issue (October-November 1952) is free and the others are $1.99, which seems to be Comixology's (or DC's) basic price point for classic reprints.  Of course I snagged the free issue and I plan to buy the others as soon as I'm able.  Lots of expenditures happening right now that take precedence over my comic book addiction.

Mad magazine.  You may have heard of it.  Does anyone still read Mad?  Is Mad still relevant or even irrelevant these days?  The last time I discussed Mad magazine with anyone it was Jack Davis himself way back in 1996 and his take was he didn't care that much for whatever it was Mad was doing that year.  But because he's Jack Davis, one of the classiest gentlemen ever to work in comics, he didn't belabor the point and we got back to discussing working methods and materials.

Strangely enough, this comes a day after I spent an after-school teacher's meeting drawing Alfred E. Neuman over and over in various styles on my hand outs.  And also other characters saying, "What?  Me worry?"  And less than a week after learning right here on this blog that Comic Book Creator magazine has a look at Harvey Kurtzman in the works (something I'm very much looking forward to, since I know very little about Kurtzman or his career despite his having influenced my sensibilities and those of millions of other kids who grew up with Mad).

NOTE:  And for those of you who enjoy my idiot take on vintage comics, I have a massive post coming up about Slug.  Remember Slug?  She was the rebel leader from Marvel's Micronauts comic.  There's not enough information about Slug online so I'm doing my part to increase the load.

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