Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is Spookey Month... again!

And that means horror, horror and more horror here at When Comic Books Ruled the Earth.  Also, I might write something about horror comics.  First up is what I plan as a multi-part look at Creepy's color comics.  That means some Esteban Maroto, a bit of Bernie Wrightson and a whole lotta Richard Corben.  Corben practically owned the color pages in Creepy.  Then, for a change of pace, we're going to take a look at Sugar and Spike's Halloween-themed covers.  I love Halloween-themed covers in general and Sugar and Spike's in specific, even though I have to admit I've read exactly one Sugar and Spike story in my life and it had nothing to do with Halloween.

About Spookey-- they're an all-girl "bubblegum-garage-power-pop-punk" trio from my hometown here in Japan.  A few years back, I wanted to do a Halloween-themed month of my own across all my blogs and they seemed like the perfect hook.  Their music is upbeat and energetic, and they even did a Halloween-themed live performance, which is immortalized on YouTube and linked here numerous times.  I think of October as the most fun of months and Halloween as the most fun of holidays, so linking the whole thing to the most fun of local bands seemed like the most fun thing to do.  It's been a while since Spookey put out any new music, but you should check them out anyway.  Do a Google search.  If you can find their last CD release, by all means buy it.

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