Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some of my favorite love pairs in comics...

1. Superman and Lois Lane.  No, not Superman and Wonder Woman.  Superman and Lois Lane are the couple of comic book record and trying to change that is stupid.  There is no greater comic book pairing than these two.  The demigod with the human heart and the kick ass intrepid reporter.

2. Big Barda and Mr. Miracle.  I love these two together.  Mr. Miracle is the gentle soul, Barda is the iron-willed warrior who seeks to protect him, an inversion of the expected gender roles.  However the thing I like most about these two is when they're written and drawn by Jack Kirby they have one of the most genuine loves depicted in comics.  It's warm and organic and they have a lot of chemistry.  There's is one of the few truly adult relationships depicted in superhero comics.

3. Terra and Changeling.  These two are a couple of freaks and their love is strange and wrong.  That's what makes it so fun to read about.

4. Cyclops and Phoenix.  Classic doomed pair.  Well, one of them was doomed.  Which means their love was doomed.  Who doesn't love reading about doomed love?  Even Dr. Doom loves doomed love.

5. Maggie and Hopey.  This is one that makes for some amazing reading.  I can't decide if I like them better together or apart.  Either way, good stuff.

6. Nexus and Sundra.  Another very adult relationship.  They've gone through a lot together and we've watched them grow and develop over many long years.

7. Reed Richards and Sue Storm Richards.  This is one of those relationships that-- at least in the early Stan Lee/Jack Kirby years-- is mostly what little boys think love and all that gooey junk is all about.  There's this stalwart, relatively emotionless guy who needs to get some work done and there's the flighty, childish, super-moody girl who always demands his attention.  Sue would put on a pouty scene and Reed would turn to his pal Ben Grimm and say something like, "Women.  Even with all my scientific knowledge, there's no understanding their mysteries!"  Ben would say, "They sure smell nice, though."  And Reed would conclude, "They do, old pal.  I suppose all we men can do is give up trying to figure out women and simply protect them and their silly little fantasies from the harsh realities of the multiverse."  Cut to a close-up of Sue getting a manicure or trying on a wig.

8. Buddy and Lisa.  The unfortunate pair from Hate, the perfect comic.  Buddy is kind of an asshole and Lisa is a complete mess.  Together, they're a disaster.  No wonder they got married and had a kid.

And with that, I give up!  Go read about your own favorites and leave me alone!

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