Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's Dan the Man on Cassandra Cain's future...

I got this from some sort of convention panel coverage from a site that shall remain nameless but as certainly served my purpose:

"Cassandra is appearing in one of the Battle for the Cowl one-shots – I think the Network one shot. She will also be appearing in the Streets of Gotham. There are bigger plans down the road, as she is a very viable character. Jason Todd was always a plan for in the Countdown books. He is front and center in The Battle for the Cowl in the DC books, and he has been a major player for a while. The goad is – characters who can support a series for a period of time, we give them a chance to shine."

I like this part: "There are bigger plans down the road, as she is a very viable character."

Emphasis mine. It's as I've been saying all along. You just have to give her to the right writer and you can have some really kick-ass, darker storylines in the Batgirl suit or in some other identity. Hacky miniseries do no one any favors. All I ask is just don't kill her off.

Just don't kill her off.

Or let Adam Beechen write her ever again.

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