Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In All the Speculation About Who the New Batgirl Is, We're Forgetting the Most Important Thing!

And that is, what's going to happen to Cassandra Cain? The teaser pic so many people are discussing is obviously someone in her uniform, with the stitched-in mouthpiece ripped away revealing a smirking face that seems specifically designed to reference and refute Cassandra Cain.

You know, "Hey, kids! The horrible Cassandra Cain era is over. Here comes the real Batgirl!"

Still, I'm so far out of the loop I could be wrong. I haven't read any of this "Battle for the Cowl" stuff, and I didn't see any Batman and the Outsiders issues while I was in Tokyo, so I'm not too up on Cassandra's current status. The last I saw of her, she was getting a goopy, tacked-on happy ending to that dreadful Adam Beechen mini-series that seemed to shed readers like Capt. Kirk shed his shirt. The lesson learned from that fiasco should have been that people don't want to read absolute drivel, not that the character should be killed off.

So what's it going to be, DC? Would the DC powers-that-be have Bruce Wayne finally adopt her with the promise of cementing her status in the Bat-family, only to eliminate her as Batgirl or possibly even as a character just a few months later? What DC giveth with the right hand, its left taketh away?

Look, I really don't care who takes over the Batgirl costume. I have nothing emotionally invested in that identity per se, or in any of the potential candidates besides Cassandra Cain. She was the first DC character in years to engage my interest. So there's no way I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars dragging my ass to Tokyo to buy the new series if it's not Cassandra, and it doesn't look too hopeful for her these days. They've managed to absolutely destroy her since her own title ended-- lame ass "Dragon Lady" villainy, poorly-written comeback... and now this.

To what end? What else can they do to Cass besides kill her off now?

On the other hand, if against all odds it is Cassandra, life in Japan is going to get even more expensive for me starting in August. Failing that, make mine... er... Top Shelf? Thank god there are alternatives to the mainstream when they cut out your heart and laugh while doing so. Top Shelf Productions has the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, and that's everything a comic book should be. That's the kind of thing I'm willing to shell out the extra yen to obtain.

And about the Batgirl teaser itself-- It's a pretty good drawing, boob focus and all. I'm actually surprised at the artist's restraint in not also somehow working her ass into the image. Nice proportions, clean lines. The funniest thing is how some comments I've read in various places say the large breasts and hips rule out its being a teenage character. Too womanly, they say. Come on, people, this is a mainstream superhero comic we're talking about. When was the last time a teen actually looked like a teen and not a twenty-something former underwear model playing a teen on an episode of some CW series?

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