Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is this your idea of Spider-Man?

Go ahead, click on it and check it out. Spidey won't bite you. It's the first official image of new Spider-Man/Peter Parker Andrew Garfield in costume-- and in deep emo mode, apparently.

It looks like a modified version of Tobey Maguire's costume; all textured in the modern movie tradition. Plus, Puny Parker looks like he's been dumpster diving or installing big block V8 engines all day and now he's heading home for a much-needed shower. Long and lean Spider-Man, huh? I won't know how much I like this look until I see the movie.

But for now, slap some corporate branding and a title logo on it and this image looks like it could be the cover right off a Marvel monthly-- the work of some hotshot Photoshop jockey artist-of-the-moment who eschews dynamism in favor of photorealism. Garfield's mopey face looks very Parkeresque, and the mood's right. Spidey's stories have always had ample portions of soap opera-style melodrama. I just hope he cleans himself up and starts mocking his enemies like a gymnastic Ricky Gervais at some point. I prefer my Spider-Men in pristine condition and in full-on smartass mode. And imagine what the poor guy smells like right now!

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