Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Ten Favorite Cassandra Cain Moments

Hi!  This is the post that gets the most page views, but because I've decided to re-repurpose this blog as a celebration of pre-2000 comics, I've moved it to my new all-Cass blog.  Which gets about 2 pages views a week.  Such is the state of Cassandra Cain fandom at the moment, apparently.

And as a special conciliatory move and because I think it's important for fans of "toxic" characters to show a little mutual love, I took out the two jokes some people didn't like.  I think I did.  I either took them out or softened them a little.  Well, whatever I did, yes, they were unfair.  Deliberately so.  Because I have an absurdist outlook as well as a love for wisecracks and other kinds of nonsense to go along with my love for comic books, sometimes I like to take a single aspect from a story and blow it up as if it's the entire raison d'etre for that character.

Which is why you'll find sketches here I've done where Rahne Sinclair moons over Dani Moonstar's hair, for example, even though as far as I know she did that one time in a single panel.  I also draw Dani as frequently demanding Roberto da Costa beat up Sam Guthrie or various other people, even though she's perfectly capable of doing so herself.  And these are characters I love.  There are actually very few characters I dislike.  They're fictional beings.  They can be one thing in one story and something else entirely in another.

To be honest, I'll probably make such jokes again, but I'll try not to kick a character and that character's fans when they're down.  For now... happy comic book reading!


MOCK! said...

I think you just added ten comics to my "Want List"....

Joel Bryan said...

All right! I'm happy to hear that! These old Batgirl books are wildly inconsistent but sometimes they're just made of awesome. What a character Cass was in her prime!