Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Batmania 4"

In which a freakish Batman gets squeezed off the page by an even more twisted freak. Fortunately, there's a British paratrooper officer there to direct traffic and keep things sensible and sane. Yes, another sketchbook junk-o-rama.

I am working on some reviews, though. I'm reading John Byrne's new series John Byrne's Next Men from IDW. Now there's a surprise-- I'd heard nothing of Byrne returning to this property. I went to my local comic book store and there it was. During the early 90s comics boom when every publisher started churning out new "universes" and Dark Horse debuted its Legend imprint, Next Men was one of my regular-- albeit somewhat frustrating-- reading titles. The characters and situations intrigued me, the slow pace annoyed me. Then Byrne moved the book into more conventional modes and I abruptly lost interest and stopped reading it. Here we are more than a decade later and I'm reading it again. Full review of the first 4 issues coming up soon!

Also in the works-- a post on Fred Hembeck! Slug from Micronauts! More crazy deconstruction of old Planet of the Apes comics!

Plus the usual frivolity.

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