Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Carmine Infantino!

Carmine Infantino turns 86 today. One of the all-time greats, Infantino helped launch the Silver Age of comics with his work on a more sci-fi based Flash with Robert Kanigher at DC, but eventually drew for both Marvel and Warren as well. He's one of those guys it'd be easier to list the characters he didn't draw during his career. Wolverine. The end. Heck, Infantino probably drew Wolverine. I'm just clowning around here.

But I'm being very serious when I say that it's great to know Infantino's still around, and these days I'm really enjoying his work on the Marvel Star Wars series as reprinted by Dark Horse in their Star Wars Omnibus books. I also think his re-designed costume for the Flash is one of the most visually appealing costumes worn by any superhero. It's bold, bright, simple and conveys exactly what the character is all about-- he's fast as lightning.


Richard Bensam said...

It's the darnedest thing: I can't think of when Infantino drew Wolverine, but he must have at least once. I have this perfect image in my mind's eye of what it would look like. (N.B.: it's an image of Logan in his Canadian logging civvies; envisioning an Infantino drawing of a hero wearing a black cowl with points on top is just too easy.)

Joel Bryan said...

It just seems as though he must have put Wolverine in a panel somewhere. Fighting Spider-Woman? A pin-up in an X-Men annual? A commission?