Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cassandra Cain... Is That You?!

I wrote about the relative lack of Cassandra Cain-related merchandise a few weeks ago. You have to be careful what you ask for, the ol' saying goes, because you just might get it. Here comes the Cassandra Cain Batgirl as you've never seen her before-- showing some skin and with her legs all wrapped up in her cape like a clumsy yet sexy oaf. It's the Ame-Comi Batgirl, due from DC Direct in October 21, 2009. $59.99 gets you this... interesting... piece of manga/anime-inspired plastic.

It's hard to judge what the actual statue will look like in person from a photo but we can still critique some of the design choices. Whoever sculpted this really worked the Cass stitch motif. Stitches making laces down around her inner thighs, up her sides, a single laced stitchwork detail where her mouth is hidden by the mask. Some of the Ame-Comi statues attempt sexy-cute (and the Huntress looks bad ass-cute), but our Cass is more creepy-sexy-cute with that flash of flesh. Kind of funny when you consider how they gave the Barbara Gordon Batgirl statue a more battle-ready outfit including a big futuristic helmet. Cass, the least overtly sexual Batgirl, gets all fetishy on us. Vampirella's teen cousin. Oh well, I guess that's no more bizarre for Cass these days than any of her recent comic book appearances. The bats over her shoulder, however, make for a fitting touch. Perfect for Halloween.

Anyway, it's manga Cass. No, I'm not going to buy it. I don't really care for comic-related statues of any kind or in any style-- even the really good ones are too kitschy for me-- and this one is probably going to be twice the MSRP here in Japan. The big question is...

What's she going to do with that cape wrapped all around her calves and feet? Fall over?


Nathaniel said...

It's sort of a strange circle that has taken place: it's a manga-inspired version of a character that was already manga-inspired to begin with.

In any case, it isn't as horrible as some of the other designs. Especially the Wonder Woman one where she's just wearing a tiny bikini. With Cass, the weird bare thighs design always makes me think her legs are stitched together, though.

Joel Bryan said...

It does look as if her legs are stitched together. I wonder if underneath that cape instead of a two-legged costume configuration she has instead a Morticia Addams-inspired single leg sheath. Hard to tell the way she's gotten herself all tangled in her cape!

Yeah, this statue's not so bad. It seems to have some real atmosphere about it. Very effective. It's got a kind of Tim Burton "Halloweentown" feel. She and Jack the Pumpkin King would have a fine ol' time hanging out together! Unlike the new Catwoman who looks like she should be clinging to Conan's leg in a Frazetta painting.

And the v.2 Wonder Woman looks like she actually is IN a Frazetta painting.