Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Wish I Were in... Ohio?

Michael Golden has been named guest of honor at the Mid-Ohio Con, scheduled for October 3-4. This year! So much for that "Reclusive One" label, huh? Bernie Wrightson will also be a guest of honor. If they stopped right there, I'd be in geek heaven. Those two rank fairly high in my personal pantheon of influences-- if either of those guys are handling art on a book I automatically buy it no matter who the writer is.

Mid-Ohio Con also has Marv Wolfman, Mark Evanier, Dick Ayers, Herb Trimpe, Gary Friedrich, Len Wein, Chris Sprouse, Josef Rubinstein, Fred Hembeck, Mike Grell and... gasp... can't contain nerdish conniption fit... P. Craig Russell! It's as if my long-dead childhood suddenly reanimated as a zombie with an appetite for devouring my soul...

Because I live in Japan, not Ohio. Oh well, that's the choice I made. I always wondered what it would be like to have a reason to go to Ohio. Ohio. What could possibly attract anyone to Ohio? What kind of people live there?

But I could never could come up with one compelling enough to actually make the effort to breath Ohioan air before now. This strange confluence of events will probably never happen again.

I believe Golden will be doing some sketches at the convention, but he's not taking any "take home" orders because that list is full.

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