Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spookey Month: So Much For Mr. Aso's State-Run Manga Cafe!

This is gonna be a scary post, kids! The scariest! You'll probably barf up all your kiddy cereal that you eat in the mornings, not expecting to be so scared by posts like this one!


See, kids, Japan's last prime minster, Mr. Taro Aso, was one of the scariest imaginable creatures alive-- he was a comic book fan! Isn't that scary? A horrible, terrible, flesh-eating comic book fan who probably didn't brush his teeth and spent all his time reading comic books and... and... running the country of Japan! Which is a very scary place where giant, radioactive monsters crush buildings and breath radioactive fire!


Anyway, Mr. Aso loved comics so much he wanted to use government money to build a kind of museum for manga and anime. That's Japanese for "comics" and "cartoons." See how scary Mr. Aso was? But in the last election-- which was probably held in a haunted house on some stormy night somewhere in Transylvania or even in... you know... Japan-- Mr. Aso's party, the LDP, lost big time. The new party, the DPJ, took over everything. Everything! Like... like zombies! Like brain-eating zombies, taking over Japan, lumbering down the streets of Japan, devouring... you know... eating people's brains and building coalitions, passing laws and rejiggering... budgets... and all those scary things governments do.

So what did this scary party do? They cancelled plans for Mr. Aso's manga museum!

See? Wasn't that scary, kids? When the Japanese government changed? That was terrifying, I tell you. Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't the scariest thing, this post. Really... it's probably a bit of a let-down. But I promise you my next post will be so scary you probably won't sleep for a week. Or more! Maybe you'll never sleep again! And you'll walk around all bleary eyed... like a zombie! Yes! You'll become a zombie yourself! Won't that be scary, kids? Joining the legions of the undead as a zombie?


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