Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steve Rude's Big Barda!

I wish I could post the actual image here, but Steve Rude's latest commission is a sparkling color marker drawing of one of my favorite comic book characters-- the underrated, under-used, under-respected Big Barda! I love the look of Rude's marker works, too. Markers are fun to use-- you can lay down vibrant colors quickly, and if you're really skilled, make your drawing look almost like a watercolor.

Obviously, Rude is miles better than I am at it, so I seethe with ineffectual jealousy every time he unleashes another one of these drawings into the wild. Where they run happy and free among the tall pines and frigid glacial lakes of our last frontier.

Rude gives Barda her familiar Kirby-esque physique-- Barda, as her nickname implies, is not a petite thing. The person who commissioned this piece asked for her to wear Mr. Miracle's cape. I'm wondering if he meant something like, "Wrapped in it with bits of skin showing through while she lounges on a bearskin rug," but in Rude's rendering one can imagine Scott Free trapped and in peril once again (as far as Big Barda knows, anyway) and Barda's found his cape. Fearing the worst, she's ripping down walls in her determination to rescue her life-partner. You could write an entire narrative based around this single image, and that's just more evidence of how awesome Steve Rude's artwork is!

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