Monday, October 4, 2010

Steve "The Dude" Rude's Mega-Auction!

I don't like to shill in this blog, but I'm doing this by special request of the Dude himself. To help save his house! Not that he specifically asked me or anything; I don't have any real personal contact with the guy-- case in point: I asked him a question about his character Jil because her ear designs interested me. She's a cat-woman from outer space and I wanted to know if she had two sets of ears, one being the feline ones on top of her head and the other a set of human-type under hear hair. No response. A little disappointment.

But hey, he's a busy artist so I can live with that. His wife has answered a few of my technical questions in the past, so I know the Rudes are good people. And maybe this one was a stumper or seemed kind of smart-ass. Well, these are the perils of Facebook contact with working professionals, right?

Anyway, the Dude runs frequent EBay auctions and the current one isn't doing so well-- zero bids-- so he asked his Facebook fans to spread the word. Which is what I'm doing right this very minute:

Next Nexus 1 - Probably one of our worst auctions in a long time. This could quite literally cost us the house if the auctions continue this way. Pages from #1 are being relisted with low fixed price and make an offer as well as being listed in the store at lower prices. Please take a second to LIKE the October Dudenews posted on Facebook and pass along information about the pages wherever possible. THANKS!

If life were fair and it always rewarded hard work, craft and dedication, Steve Rude and Mike Baron would have been the guys who got wealthy enough to throw money away on steroid-tainted baseball memorabilia doing Nexus during the 90s comic boom. It's not, and we have no illusions that it is. Instead of moping around hoping the worm will turn, the Dude's turned his focus from comic books, where apparently he's gone out of style, to fine art-- and he's doing some of the most breathtaking work of his career. So if you'd like to nab some Dude originals for yourself-- and I know you would, as I would if I had a job at the moment-- check out the auction. He's also selling oil paintings, sketchbooks, single issue comics, trade paperbacks and more. And even if you don't bid, you'll at least have the treat of checking out Steve Rude artwork in its purest form and some of the books he's worked on during his storied career.

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