Friday, June 15, 2012

When Returns... the Internet!

Face front, True Believers!  We've got plenty of pulse-pounding posts in the mighty When Comic Books Ruled manner flying at you like Thor and Iron Man after a round of espressos down at the superhero kaffeeklatsch.  Jarvis brews 'em just that strong, almost as strong as our line up of lively and lilting literary laff-em-ups!  You can bet the fine folk over at the Distinguished Competition are shaking in their fuzzy bedroom slippers* while we trip the light fantastic in ties-n-tails and those ol' dancing shoes we shined up extra special just for the occasion!

What occasion, you Faithful Ones ask?  And we Hard-working Ones answer:  The return of our Internet connection, which means a never-ending stream of scintillating stories and never-trivial trivia here at When Comic Books Ruled!  To wit:

ITEM!  How many lovers has Hopey Glass had?  Sources say it's more than a few!
             Let's count them!
ITEM! Professor X once orgasmed Dani Moonstar into betraying everything she
            stood for!
ITEM!  Serial harrasser Changeling fell hard for a lass out to do him and his
             idiot friends no end of harm-- and he wooed her with tentacles!
ITEM!  It's time for a close reading of the early days of our mutant merrymakers,
             the X-Men!
ITEM!  Alex Toth-related books are even now winging their way to Japan for our
             perusal and discussion!
ITEM!  An issue-by-issue study of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl series!
ITEM!  More Creepy, Eerie and possibly EC appreciation!
ITEM!  Marvel Star Wars!  It existed!  I like it!
ITEM!  They canceled the Terror on the Planet of the Apes reprint series!  We're
             going to have to do our part to keep the dream alive!
ITEM!  Stale jokes, sloppy art and more than a few surprises in store!

Who says this isn't the When Comic Books Ruled the Earth Age of Bashful Blogging Buffoonery?  Until Xi'an Coy Manh replaces her metal leg with the lamp from A Christmas Story...  MAKE MINE WHEN COMIC BOOKS RULED THE EARTH!

*Hey, fellas, just a little friendly ribbing!  We love you guys, natch, and we'll see you on the fabled softball diamond this summer at the Big Showdown!

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