Friday, November 1, 2013

When Comic Books Ruled the Earth News!

Hello, loyal reader.  We've had a lot of fun looking at horror comics and superhero comics sort of peripherally related to Halloween, but I'm exhausted from all this blogging stuff.  Not only that, I'm blogging about comics more than I'm reading comics, which means I've got a huge backlog of books to read.  Oh, and there's this whole marriage thing and my actual day job.  And my own art to create.  So I'm cutting back on posts here.  There may be entire months where you won't hear so much as a peep.


Yeah, I know, what will the Russian porn spam sites link to from now on, and where will the robot advertisers go to annoy me with their fake "This blog contains good information/I will read it often/  Now here are some leather jackets for sale in Hong Kong" comments?  Don't worry.  I'm sure they'll all land on their feet.

What does this mean to you, the reader of this blog?  Well, not a whole lot.  I'm going to try to post something of interest or value once a week, unless I'm really inspired and energized by a topic to run off a whole bunch of posts.  Don't really count on that, though.  I want to get back to relaxing and enjoying comics so I generate the enthusiasm necessary for writing about them.  There's Gary Chapin's spectacular second part to his musical-themed overview of Jack Kirby's Fourth World still to come, and believe me, you want to read that!

Please stick around for Gary's essay and some fun stuff about Jack Kirby, Dani Moonstar, Lonnie Loomis, the Micronauts and the Teen Titans to come!  Just not all at once.  At least not until next year's Spookey Month!

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