Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tokyo (American) Comic Book Report: Melt-Banana Edition, August 2009!

I just blew in from Tokyo where I saw the always tremendous Melt-Banana in a rather intimate setting, Shibuya O-Nest. One act after another, each topping the last for energy and strangeness until MxBx took the stage for a surprisingly small and relatively subdued audience-- at least compared to the orgiastic frenzies of violent "dancing" that usually accompanies their performances.

Given their touring schedule, Melt-Banana is no doubt coming your way and soon, so get out and see one the most entertaining and powerful acts in rock.

While in Tokyo to indulge my first love (avant-sound), I hit Harajuku's lovely little comic book shop, Blister to indulge my fifth. Or sixth. No, it wasn't Free Comic Book Day; I was just too lazy to take a new photo. But the store looks pretty much the same, so you're not missing anything.

I picked up Batgirl #1, so be prepared for a lavish Cass-centric review later this week. I also bought New Mutants two, three and four. The first issue was sold out; is it an ominous sign the later ones were plentiful? I also got a lot of Hellboy-related books, mostly BPRD; these are comics I particularly want to read and share with my students. My most exciting discovery (bear with me, I live in Japan and am very much out of the loop) is DC's Wednesday Comics paper.

Jeebus, that is the best darn thing DC's put out in years. That's the real DC universe, the one I remember from when I liked their books, only it's in a newspaper format. And the creator line up? WOWEE! If I seem to have a sort of love/hate-Jekyll/Hyde relationship with DC, here's something they've done that appeals to the better angels of my nature. All two of them. That it's dedicated to Archie Goodwin is just too perfect. Finally, DC produces something aimed at me. If only they added a Cassandra Cain feature to it, I'd be in fickle-ass nerd heaven.

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