Monday, August 17, 2009

Would You Buy This Batmobile?

I like Michael Crawford's... er... Captain Toy's toy reviews. For a pop culture geek such as myself, his site is not only fun, but also helpful. And this week he reviews a dilly of a product, Hot Toys' Dark Knight Tumbler. This is like something we had back in the days of big G.I. Joe and his adventure team, only amped up, ramped up and blown out the back door. It's not just a toy that somewhat resembles Batman's vehicle from the movies-- it's a hyper-realistic recreation and you can put your equally realistic Christian Bale Batman figure inside.

Would you pay $400 or more for such a thing? For me, the answer is easy: Hell no! And this is coming from someone who really enjoyed Dark Knight. I like the idea of a superhero vigilante film that eventually rejects superhero vigilantism, although I'd put the delightful teen pregnancy comedy Juno ahead of Dark Knight as my favorite film the year I saw them both.

And in case you're wondering, I wouldn't pay $400 dollars for a 1/6th scale toy of Juno's Previa, either.

But for others, the answer on Batman's Tumbler is equally easy: Hell yes! And I admire them for it. If you have the bucks and the space, this Tumbler toy is probably going to be a highlight of your collection. I'm waiting for the Ellen Page/Michael Cera two-figure collector set with matching acoustic guitars, hamburger phone, unlit pipe, easy chair and pork sword accessories.


aderack said...

I was going to say, I never thought of Juno as much of a superhero vigilante movie.

Now that it's in my head, though...

Joel Bryan said...

You need to see the director's cut of Juno. Wall to wall vigilantism. Makes the Death Wish movies look like Disney's The Apple Dumpling Gang. Really, I have no idea what Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody were thinking!