Monday, April 26, 2010

Bob McLeod Accepted My Friend Request on Facebook!

That ends several anxious weeks of waiting. As you know, I have a mild interest in comic books and the art they contain, so when I saw a friend of mine had inker extraordinaire/New Mutants co-creator Bob McLeod on his friends list, I had to make a request too. McLeod isn't as active as Steve Rude or Michael Golden-- those guys are always posting updates and eye-popping artwork-- it's just a nice feeling to have made a connection with another of my favorite artists.

In other news, I may not be able to make it to Blister for day one of Free Comic Book Day. Fortunately, these wonderful peeps do it for two days. Don't we deserve a second helping of Free Comic Book Day? I think we do and the Blister staff apparently agree.

I now have lunch plans with a former student in addition to the visit I'll make with friends to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. I'm still going to give Blister a go on day one, but I may not be able to make it over there until nearly closing time. We'll see what happens. Last year they had long boxes full of books at a major discount and I hate to miss out on that in case the good stuff has been thoroughly picked over by discerning comic consumers.

I'm desperate to do this one more time even though I'll have ample access to four-color funnybooks starting next week. At regular cover price rather than the import mark-up. They're still overpriced, though. Most of them. That carping aside, it's fun to check out American comics in Japan, even more so than in the States. Here they're an oddity, a little side-niche not even as prevalent as Japanese comics are back home. Which is probably a more accurate assessment of comic book demographics worldwide: Japanese comics big, American comics small.

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