Friday, April 9, 2010

What Does Michael Golden Have Brewing?

Comics legend Michael Golden recently hinted at a "new project on the horizon" on his Facebook feed. The only thing I really like about social networking is having your art idols as "friends;" you get all the little tidbits direct from the person most involved. I'm thinking and speculating and dreaming about this mysterious project quite a lot lately. Is it...

1) A new comic?
2) The Spartan X trade he promised?
3) Something to do with the classic Golden/Bill Mantlo Micronauts series?
4) Some art wonderment as yet undreamed of by Michael Golden fans?

Since Marvel already fulfilled my wish for a The 'Nam reprint trade, I honestly haven't a clue as to what Golden is teasing. Whatever it is, it'll look fantastic. I generally hate fannish gushing, but Golden has just gotten better and better over the years. Unlike certain other fan favorite artists of that era who seem to have peaked at some point in the late 80s or early 90s and gone into a slow, disappointing decline, Golden puts out tasty imagery to this day, with an ever-growing grasp of what makes an image work. Strong design sense, dynamic anatomy, lots of little visual extras and not a line wasted or had for cheap.

Another constantly improving artist who goes by the name of Steve Rude is extremely active on Facebook, too. This is a guy who won awards right out of the box back when I was a teenybopper and his artistic vision has only grown over the ensuing years. Now his focus is the fine arts, but he still keeps a hand in the comics game by taking on commissions and drawing whatever character strikes his fancy that day. And every few days, he and his family post his latest works. Commissions, personal artwork, sketchbook pages, some in black and white, some in color markers, all eye-popping and worth getting sucked into the whole Facebook vortex.

Just the other day, the Dude showed off a gorgeous watercolor he did of a figure skater, one he made up completely, sans life model. The sense of motion, the athletic grace of the skater, the cold, wet texture of the ice-- pure Dude imagineering. I seem to be getting more of a Steve Rude fix now that he's retired from sequential work; comics' loss is our gain.

But man, I need to know what Michael Golden's up to!

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