Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Comics/Music Connection 3: Wrapped Up in Comics!

What is it with these British rock bands and their ability to combine strong melodies, intelligent, insightful lyrics and hooks into tasty musical confections you can listen to endlessly? Here's a video for Belle and Sebastian's "Wrapped Up in Books:"

And if my love for Belle and Sebastian hasn't forever branded me a twee hipster past his expiration date in your eyes, I present this startling image from the video:

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent tracking down the comic this pixie-cut young woman hides in some no doubt headier volume for her sneaky enjoyment. At first, I thought it was a vintage issue of Love and Rockets volume 1, from around the "In the Valley of the Polar Bears" era. I could have sworn that was Doyle in the second panel. It seems to be one of his characteristic poses, at least before he was forced to use a cane due to some unspecified injury.

After going through every Jaime Hernandez story I own page by painstaking page, I couldn't locate this scene in any of them. But I may have skipped an issue or two inadvertantly; there are some gaps in my collection. Then I thought perhaps it's from one of Gilberto's Palomar stories. I'm not as up on Palomar as I am on Hoppers, but I searched as many of those as I could as well. My theory at that point was the woman was none other than Palomar's sheriff, Chelo, but the hair doesn't match.

Finally, I just said, "To hell with it" and gave up. I now believe it to be some fabulous British comic I've never heard of, much less read, available only to the ultra-cool cognoscenti of which I am not.

And if the young woman in the video knows...

... she's not telling.

Kind of leaves us hanging, doesn't it? Where's the revelation? Where's the catharsis? In life, unlike in most comics, there often is none.

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