Friday, April 15, 2011

Give Cassandra Cain a mulligan: I second that emotion!

A mulligan. Not a mullet. I did a little "who's reading my crappy comics blog" search today and found that way back in November of last year, DC Women Kicking Ass linked to an entry I wrote about DC's big plans for Cassandra Cain in 2010. Wow, DCWKA, we see how well that turned out, eh?

Thanks to that link, I found this essay, where the same author runs down all the various re-bootings and re-startings of different charactes DC has tried over the years and applies that argument in favor of giving Cassandra Cain the same treatment. A mulligan. A do-over. I don't have anything to add other than to agree wholeheartedly. Get on it, DC!

This is a CBS News Special Report
: Perhaps they have. This reporter just learned (several weeks behind the news curve) writer Scott Snyder will feature Cassandra Cain in the first issue of his Gates of Gotham miniseries. Which Cass will show up? The talkative, mopey one from the past few years courtesy of Adam Beechen... or the taciturn, ass-kicking one from the recent Red Robin #17? Will Snyder dump all the nonsensical "I wanna be a normal girl" emotional baggage writers (Beechen again) have had Cass lugging around in favor of the stripped-down fighting machine we're all hoping for?

Looks like we'll find out in May!

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