Thursday, April 28, 2011

The new "X-Men: First Class" trailer... talky but kinda neat!

I used to love The Uncanny X-Men. I don't buy the title itself anymore. Just got out of the habit. I still enjoy checking in on the characters, although I admit a lot of storylines and mumbo-jumbo have passed me by. Jubilee is a vampire now? Wolverine owns a chain of Toyota dealerships across the southwestern states? I can't follow all that stuff, and it doesn't help that there are hundreds of characters in every book and they keep doing these huge crossover storylines where they all run around fighting anti-mutant armies and reality-changing freaks from the future. Ah, but there was a time...

The new X-Men: First Class takes a lot of X-lore from my era-- the Chris Claremont/John Byrne/Dave Cockrum/Paul Smith years-- and ladles it onto a crust made of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Werner Roth/Roy Thomas/Neal Adams, sprinkles on some Grant Morrison New X-Men tomato sauce, then bakes it in an oven with the most ridiculous pizza-based metaphor I've ever belabored.

And I've belabored many a pizza-based metaphor, spinning them out the way a college-town stoner spins out his Domino's deliveries until your pizza is stone cold and then he asks to use your phone to get his girlfriend to come pick him up because his '96 Ford Taurus just died in front of your house... and could he wait in your living room because you've got Halo 3 on X-Box 360, dude, and man, this job sucks ass.

The three X-Men movies didn't do much for me, though. I've never considered them particularly good. Decent enough time-wasters. The first was kind of formal and cold but-- most unfortunately-- never generated any chemistry between its characters beyond Patrick Stewart's Professor X and Ian McKellen's Magneto. You have to have chemistry. The X-Men have long had a kind of extended family vibe. The second was a bit of an improvement but had a kind of "best of" hodge-podge effect and a little too busy. The less said about the third one the better. This is the first X-Men trailer that actually makes me want to see the movie it's advertising. The teaser trailer excited me, too. Probably due to the nostalgia factor. Maybe because I just think it looks cool.

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