Monday, June 13, 2011

How will the Blackbat survive?

I'm still digging for any news of Cassandra Cain's fate-to-be in the DC reboo-- sorry-- relaunch. All I've managed to find is this blog entry where someone lists some possibilities before concluding she will probably squeak by and continue as Blackbat. I tend to agree, but what I'm linking it for is the really sweet Batgirl fan art the writer used to illustrate the post. That's one of the nicest Cass Cain drawings I've seen in a while.

It's by someone calling himself "monkeymarc," who also has the good taste to list Cass as his "favourite Batgirl." Let's look at it a little larger. She looks a little like up-and-comer Hayley Kiyoko, doesn't she? Nice loose, energetic style. Even though I prefer action poses to these static portraits, this one has a lot of personality in that tilted head. Usually the half-lidded eyes and parted lips would say "sexy" or at least "attempt at sexy," but I'm getting more of a narrowed-eyes mugshot vibe. Oh heck, no wonder he's so good-- I was just looking through his gallery and he's Marc Laming, a pro with DC/Vertigo and storyboard work to his credit, plus his favorite artists list starts with Alex Toth and includes Frank Robbins and Noel Sickles.

I'd like to see more of Marc Laming's work. Especially if he gets to work on a certain little character we call Blackbat.

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