Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stealing someone's bike is not cool... but this is!

Today I did a little more Cassandra Cain research and found this on MTV's Splash Page!:

@sonnova Someone stole my bike. All Cassandra Cain fans will be questioned.
-Adam Beechen, Writer ("Robin," "Hench")

Yes! We deserved that. It made me laugh. The wisecrack, not the theft. I sincerely hope Adam Beechen gets his bike back. I'm assuming it's a bicycle and not a motorcycle, but god knows I have no basis for that assumption. When I lived in Japan, bicycle theft was endemic. While I was lucky enough only to have the seat stolen off one of the many bikes I owned there-- all of which I gave away because I'm a generous soul-- many of my friends fell victim to this particular crime. Some more than once. One woman lost two bikes on two consecutive days, the second of which was a gift from one of her students replacing the first.


Nathaniel said...

I may not like his writing, but I just can't dislike Adam Beechen as a person. He takes the fact that Cass fans really dislike him in stride and has a good sense of humor about it. He's a far cry from some creators that I've heard are real jerks to people that don't like their stories.

Also, I think you'll be pleased with Gates of Gotham #2, if you haven't picked it up yet. And check out Dustin Nguyen's alt cover for the third issue:

Joel Bryan said...

My feelings exactly. My opinion of the person is diametrically opposite my opinion of his writing. Especially after reading that tweet.

Thanks for the link to that sweet cover! I love the stylized figures and the sketch-like quality. Friday is my comic shop run so I'll probably be picking that up.

Joel Bryan said...

Oh yeah, his writing as far as Cass is concerned. I haven't read anything else by him. It's probably okay stuff, just not my thing.

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, I actually posted on another site about all the problems I've had with his Batgirl work, and he responded and debated me a bit about his reasoning when writing the stories. He was very gracious and courteous about the whole thing, even though I was basically explaining why I thought his work sucked. He's just a pleasant guy.

I haven't read much of anything else that he's written, but I know his Batman Beyond isn't very popular. He did some animation work that's good, though, so I don't know why his comics work just doesn't seem to click.