Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anyone in Japan want a ton of great American comics?

I'm not sure how many people in Japan read this blog-- probably close to 1 or maybe even 2-- but if you're out there and hungry for some comics to read, I know someone who can hook you up at a very reasonable price.

A nice guy named Gabe emailed me the other day.  He's got a dilemma.  He owns two longboxes full of fantastic comics.  The problem is, they're in Japan and he's in the United States.  Gabe wants these comics to go to a good home, to someone who will appreciate them.  Obviously, as I'm the number one Western comics freak in Japan, I was his first choice.  Unfortunately, as tempting as the offer is, I'm not really in a position to take them myself.  I barely have enough room in my apartment for the books I've already accumulated.

So there it is.  Two boxes packed with comic book goodness, yours for the taking.  The offer is good until the end of September.  If you're interested in working out a deal, email Gabe at

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