Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe Kubert was something else!

I was all set to tell you about buying comics in Tokyo this week, but I just learned the saddest news.  Joe Kubert passed away at age 85.  It stings my heart.  His line was expressive and instantly recognizable.  Loose yet controlled.  Figures constructed like Renaissance giants.

Joe Kubert was a major force in my childhood and in my love for the best in comic book art.  The first book I ever read had a Joe Kubert cover, so he was there when words first started making sense to me.  Certain artists just own certain characters.  For me, it's Neal Adams Batman, Curt Swan Superman, Jack Kirby Fantastic Four, Al Williamson Star Wars, John Romita Spider-Man and Joe Kubert Sgt. Rock.  Somewhere along the way I began to love his art passionately, and used to spend hours copying his covers line for line.  I dreamed for years of attending his school.

He started his pro career as a child.  1938.  Which means he leaves us after a career spanning more than 70 years.  Are you impressed?  I'm flabbergasted.  That puts him in the company of Mickey Rooney in terms of professional longevity.  Almost unheard of!  Kubert appeared to be busy right up until the end, still doing vital work.  Two days ago I saw a brand new comic with his byline on the cover.  I wish I'd bought it.


Gary Chapin said...

To me, Kubert had a completely unique approach to drawing, impressionistic. Kirby. Adams. Carmine Infantino. Ditko. They really expressed themselves through the comics. Far more than the quasi-hyper-realism of the post Byrne and Adams period. I knew when I heard this news, you'd have something worth reading here.

Joel Bryan said...

Yeah, he was instantly recognizable. His line was alive in a way no one else could match. Thanks!