Sunday, September 30, 2012

3rd Annual Spookey Month... and a weather-induced scheduling slip-up...

Okay, it's October here in Japan, which means Halloween.  I celebrate Halloween for the entire month.  This means watching horror movies, reading horror novels and short story collections... and horror comics.  But I also love to tie Halloween to Spookey, the all-girl punk band from right here in Hamamatsu.  The problem is, there are only so many Spookey videos available online and we've already seen all of them twice.  But because I love Halloween and I love Spookey, I'm going to trot the old familiars out again along with a series of horror comic-themed blog entries.

This interrupts my plan to post a link to and review of every single episode of Filmation's Isis TV show.  Another problem for me, less so for the millions of people who don't care about this blog or Isis.  Yesterday, I planned to post a review of the episode "Lucky," which is one of the better single episodes of any 70s kid series.  It's really quite amazing.

Then a typhoon blew through and knocked out the electricity in our neighborhood, so I didn't finish editing the review.  Since it deals with a theme related to Halloween, I'm going to slap it with a Spookey Month label, post it sometime this week and then take a break from Isis in favor of EC, Warren and other scary four-color delights.  We'll get back on track with Isis this November.

So... barring another typhoon... bring on When Comic Books Ruled's THIRD ANNUAL OCTOBER IS SPOOKEY MONTH!


Richard Bensam said...

Just please know that while I've been lax in commenting -- to say the least! -- I've been enjoying the hell out of the Isis posts and eagerly await their return. Seriously, you've been getting me reacquainted with a real boyhood favorite and I owe you for that!

Joel Bryan said...

Thanks! It's kind of a discovery for me because as I've often pointed out, my memories of this show were vague at best when I started this project. If one person is enjoying this look back, then it's worth it!