Thursday, September 13, 2012

This month's top search terms for finding this blog...

1. Cassandra Cain (17 page views)
2. Cassandra Cain Tim Drake (12)
3. Batgirl Porn (8)
4. Batgirl Boobs (7)
5. Malin Akerman Feet (7)
6. Robin and Batgirl Kiss (7)
7. Coraline Book (6)
8. Maggie and Hopey (6)
9. Cassandra Cain and Batman (5)
10. Hopey Glass (5)

"Cassandra Cain" is also the all-time Google search term for When Comics Books Ruled the Earth. 300 page views.  I'm amazed at how often people seem to search for her on Google.  Or maybe it's just that I searched for her 280 times since I started this blog and her other 20 fans accounted for one search each.

"Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake" is a popular pairing in Google search terms.  This led to one of the busiest links to this blog.  It's on another comic fan's Tumblr feed and refers to my all-time most read blog entry, "My Ten Favorite Cassandra Cain Moments," one where I freely admit to unfairly mocking Stephanie Brown as useless-- although within the context of Cass Cain's Batgirl series writers largely depict her that way-- and Tim Drake as a lothario-wannabe.  The writer praised the moments I chose, but she and her readers ripped me apart for my little jokes at the expense of those two characters.

Hey, that's okay.  One of my favorite things to do is zero in on a single moment from a story and then weave a mythology around a character based on it as their defining characteristic.  Hence thousands of drawings I've done where I have Rahne "Wolfsbane" Sinclair moon over Dani "Endless List of Codenames" Moonstar's hair.  So bang on, fans.  It's fun for you to stick up for your faves, and I can take it.

However, I sincerely want to thank them for reading it and also for keeping their anger off my blog.  I don't do these things to start arguments or to provoke a reaction (other than a chuckle or two).  I hope this doesn't come off as patronizing, but as a Cass Cain fan, I have nothing but sympathy and empathy for my sisters and brothers over there in the Stephanie Brown camp.  We're spiritual twins, really.  I wasn't one who resented that character for DC's stripping Cass of her original costume and shot at a monthly series.  While I don't care much for Steph's Batgirl comic, it has nothing to do with the character herself, but with my increasing disenchantment with the tropes and banalities of mainstream superhero books.  I believe Steph has a much greater chance of reappearing in the new DC universe than Cass and really see no reason why she shouldn't be there already.

And for the record, I frequently eat waffles.

"Malin Akerman feet" is a surprisingly prevalent search term for finding this blog.  While I'm aware there's a fetish for foot worship... why her feet in particular, and why this blog?  I wrote a review for the Japanese DVD release of Watchmen a while back and it wasn't a particularly popular post.  Perhaps I should have focused more on Akerman's feet rather than her overall performance.

I did write an entry about Batgirl's boobs, so I can understand why "Batgirl boobs" keeps bringing people here.  Here's hoping they aren't disappointed when they find the post in question is mostly me blasting an artist for drawing them way too large on a cover.  That was so long ago I can't even remember for which book!

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