Sunday, September 2, 2012

"The Things We Think and Say Too Much" by Jerry Macomicbookdork

Allow me to wax semi-seriously here for a moment.  This morning I had an epiphany and decided to write this mission statement, just like that jackass in that movie.  Whenever I write something about vintage comics, I tend to get more readers.  Whenever I write about Cassandra Cain people go crazy with the hits.  Whenever I do something silly like post sketches or photo essays, people ignore the heck out of it.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the world at large couldn't care less what I have to say about any of those topics, or my beyond stupid takes on whatever controversy is a-brewing in comics fandom this week.  Or, as if often the case here at When Comic Books Ruled the Earth, last week because I live in Japan and while my toilet is so advanced it would confuse Luke Skywalker, my American comic book news is forever behind the times.  But I think I can do a better job of "branding" this blog if I focus on a single area of idiocy.

So I've decided to re-dedicate this lousy blog to covering old comics.  To indulging fully my obsessions with EC, Warren, Dell, Gold Key, Marvel and DC from the 60s through the 80s, the original run of Love and Rockets, obscure characters like Cindy Lee and anything else I feel falls within the category of "so old hardly anyone under the age of 40 cares anymore."

And even though my job keeps me so busy I barely have time to write this one blog, much less the one I also have about living in Japan, I have to also give into my impluse to write extensively about Cassandra Cain.  Because I'm a staunch supporter of that character as well.  To that end, I'm going to spin off a dedicated Cass blog where-- as soon as I think of a name-- I'll be spouting Batgirl/Blackbat related nonsense whenever it comes to mind, dropping little sketches and generally clowning around with everyone's favorite reformed murderer-turned hero-turned murderer-turned hero-turned nothing.

So to you, dedicated reader of When Comic Books Ruled the Earth, expect lots more on Cindy Lee, Slug from Micronauts, random flights of fancy based on single lines of dialogue in comic books decades old and nearly forgotten, plus the occasional link to Saturday morning superhero shows whenever I find them on YouTube.

And to you, my beloved fellow travelers in the fandom that dare not speak her name-- Cass (I dared)-- look for another blog to debut soon and swiftly become as obscure and ignored as this one!


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