Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you're looking for an economical way to hop aboard the Nexus bus...

Dark Horse Comics has you covered:  Nexus Omnibus Volume 1 TPB :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics.  For only $24.99 (USD), you get #1-3 of the first volume of Nexus and #1-11 of the color series that started at Capital Comics then moved to First Comics.  That's 14 comic books at about $1.78 each.  Superhero comics don't get any better than this.  From Mike Baron's literate and witty scripts-- involving all sorts of heady science-fiction concepts like gravity wells, bowl-shaped planets, fusion-based superpowers sought by politicians as a limitless energy source, plus good old fashioned love-- to Steve Rude's gorgeous artwork and fun character designs, Nexus has everything.  Everything!

Epic storylines, tender moments.  A hero struggling with his mission.  A cast of hundreds, if not thousands.  Occasional background appearances by Jack Kirby, Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock.  Humor, heartbreak.  Thunes. Quatros.  Ursula X.X. Imada.  The Loomis Sisters.

Well, hold on.  The Loomis Sisters don't appear until Nexus #25, so they won't be in this book.  But if you buy it, you'll be hooked and become filled with anticipation at their inevitable appearance.  The Dude's art starts a little crude and unformed, but very quickly develops into the recognizable brilliance that once made him a top name mentioned alongside all those other top names back when being a top name in comics meant something.  I'd buy this myself, but I'm already locked into collecting the hardcover Nexus Archives series, which is much pricier.  I'd give it up in favor of this more affordable option but I already have the stories in this thing, plus I don't want my bookself to look disorganized or poorly planned.  Consistency.  That's what I want.  But to you, who have been champing at the bit to get into Nexus only to suffer from sticker shock or price intimidation, this is your chance.

Read it from the beginning.  And maybe Dark Horse will see fit to collect all those Nexus issues they put out in the 1990s, plus the more recent Rude Dude Productions books, into one fat volume as well.  Oh, and the series running in Dark Horse Presents which I haven't read because I'm in Japan without a credit card.

This series won SIX Eisner Awards.  That's six more than I've even been nominated for.  Buy it this November.  You won't regret it.

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