Monday, April 7, 2014

I haven't forgotten you!

We're coming off spring break here, heading into another school year and it's looking to be a busy one.  As you can probably tell, I used my recent surplus of free time to work on my art.  After a year or more without completing anything of note and confining my drawing to doodles, sketches and experiments, I've once again re-dedicated myself to producing finished pieces.  I have this vague dream of eventually reviving my art career in some small way.  Back when I was a graphic designer, I had access to tools and time, but when I moved to Japan to teach English, art became just a hobby. 

I'd like to reverse that.

Oh, I have no idea where I'm going with this and I've been out of the game so long I don't even know where to start, beyond doing the actual drawings and paintings.  Most of the art jobs I see posted online take the form of, "Artist wanted.  I'm out to get rich as a famous comic book/children's book/animation person.  I've done the easy part and now I need someone to do the difficult, time-consuming stuff I don't know how to do so I can fulfill my dreams.  Your work must be of professional quality.  Looking for someone with the imagination of Dr. Seuss and the rendering skills of Norman Rockwell, so only send samples if you can meet my high standards.  Salary:  $0."

Anyway, between my quixotic ambitions and the work I'm actually paid to do, I haven't been spending much time reading or writing about comics.  I've got a couple of posts about Alex Toth's Dell work coming up, but you're probably going to find Spider-Man eating sandwiches and crap like that here for a while.

Coming up:  More Spider-Man, Supergirl versus Darkseid and Superman versus Batman!

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