Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Supergirl versus Darkseid...

Sure, why not?  More of my silly art.  This is a detail from an early work in progress with a strangely cross-eyed Supergirl.  You know, I looked at what I'd done this morning and I felt excited and energized by it. 

"You're really getting somewhere with this art stuff, baby!" I told myself.  "You can fix those eyes and finish Darkseid's face and body and you'll really have something to brag about!"

Then I took a look at it between classes at work and all I saw were a bunch of jumbled, randomish lines refusing to coalesce into an image.  What made sense at 6am at the start of the day stood revealed as a potential disaster at 9:30.  That was a real downer.  Looking at it now, I see it's nowhere near as dire as I thought then, but I also see now I have plenty of work ahead of me yet.  My ambition may have exceeded my abilities once again.  Lots to fix in order to salvage this one.


Gary Chapin said...

I love that you let the reader into your process. I try to do the same on my blog ... I can't think of one of my videos of me playing that I would call perfect or polished. Well done. And if Supergirl went up against the Anti-Monitor, why not Darkseid?

Joel Bryan said...

Thanks! I'm working on being completely ego-less when it comes to my drawings. And I think we're kind of similar in we both enjoy talking the mechanics and process of what we love. A coworker once told me, "You sure do love to talk about art!"