Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cavorting Comic Characters Meet Anton Chigurh....

When I taught English in Japan, I sometimes had downtime between classes or at the tail end of my dinner break. I either read or sketched. One incredible thing about Japan is the wide variety of pens available-- to make a generalization, the Japanese love to write. And draw.

These are little doodles I did with a cool little pen I found at BellMart (a kind of mini-convenience store) at Hamamatsu Station. One tip was black, the other gray. I immediately put it to work making faux gray wash drawings. You might spot a few DC and Marvel favorites mixed in with some originals of my own. My favorite is the poor man's Alex Toth Batman hallucinating Dan Clowes's beloved Ghost World character Enid Coleslaw. I believe if Batman and Enid went toe-to-toe, no holds barred, Enid would kick the Caped Crusader's punk ass into the sun.

Oh yeah-- these were done on a spare lesson plan I had lying around. Sometimes students didn't show and my boss would forget to reclaim the lessons. Most of them ended up in the filing cabinet for possible future use, but a few ended up decorated in this ludicrous way!

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