Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Great Comic Book Giveaway!

I'm doing Amazon several steps better-- I'm giving away comics for free! But you have to be in Japan and personally acquainted with me to benefit. Sorry. Kind of a tease, huh?

Because I've got way too many books to take with me on the plane, I'm giving away just about everything. One student came away with three Hellboy and BPRD trades, plus some monthly comics and an entire class received the first four volumes of Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne. One of my best friends is going to get the three softcover Locas books from Fantagraphics and I'm planning on giving a class of high schoolers some retro DC Showcase books-- Teen Titans and Batman and the Outsiders. A very special someone will get my beloved copy of Mariko and Jillian Tamaki's sublime Skim. Another student who bought the Japanese-language edition of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's classic Watchmen will soon own the English version as well. And I know the perfect person to give my Coraline with its too-pretty P. Craig Russell artwork a good home.

I plan to keep very little. Mostly things that are out of print. But now that I've started giving stuff away, I may keep on until I have nothing left. It's such a joy to see people's faces light up and to hear them promise to work very hard on their English so they can read these books. Some are even a little intimidated.

If you ever feel the need to lighten your own load, donate your old books to libraries or give them to random strangers. It feels good.

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