Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Go to the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010!

It's this weekend, March 27 and 28, at Tokyo Big Sight. You know it's going to be completely insane, with thousands of attendees. Many of these people will be in full-on cosplay mode. Last year's fair saw a total of 129,819 visitors, which includes 1,133 foreigners and 1,472 press members.

Saturday's events include a screening of a new 3D movie, Garo-- Red Requiem, something called Kaicho ha Maid Sama (no idea) plus the "Battle of the NHK New Anime Titles." Sunday sees Mayoineko Over Run! (cat-girls in a box), a musical Minky Momo cast talk show (again, no idea) and some sort of Mobile Suit Gundam deal. And that's just a sampling. All that, plus an untold number of exhibitors.

Untold because I don't feel like counting them.

This would be a great way for you to help me celebrate my birthday. Would be. Because I can't go. But don't let that stop you. Whether you're already in Japan with time to kill or just some sort of international, jet-setting manga/anime fan with millions of dollars to lavish on your obsessions, join the frenzied crowds at Tokyo Big Sight this weekend. Enjoy it for me!

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